The Aims of the Society

 Interest in Oriental ceramics has grown globally in recent years as an increasing number of people have focused on the visual appreciation and study of this art form. While part of this recent trend, Japan also has a long tradition of receiving ceramic works from various parts of Asia. Interest in ceramics in Japan is particularly strong and broadly based, and Japanese researchers in the modern era have produced a considerable amount of important scholarship on Oriental ceramics.
 The Japan Society of Oriental Ceramic Studies (Toyo Toji Gakkai) was founded in July 1973 on the basis of this tradition of Oriental ceramic study and connoisseurship. From its inception the Society has aimed to construct an international as well as a domestic network of researchers and connoisseurs, with the goal of both expanding and developing Oriental ceramic study while also contributing to the advancement of its study and culture in Japan. Since its founding the Society has published a journal, and held annual gatherings and research meetings. The Society plans to continue its development in coming years as Japan’s sole society dedicated to research in Oriental ceramics.

Basic Information

Japan Society of Oriental Ceramic Studies (Toyo Toji Gakkai)
5th Floor, KS Floor, Risona Kudan Building, Kudan-Minami 1-5-6, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 102-0074
The Society consists of members who share Society’s aims and pay a membership fee in advance. A committee elected by members operates the Society in consultation with the overall membership.


General Meetings
Held annually for all members to gather, discuss and resolve outstanding Society issues.
Annual Convention
Based around a chosen annual theme, the convention includes keynote addresses, presentations on research findings, a symposium, discussion sessions, field trips and social gatherings to promote mutual friendship and understanding.
Study Meetings
Several study meetings are held each year in both eastern and western Japan, and consist of researcher presentations, symposia and lectures.
Society Journal: Society Journal: The Society’s journal TOYO TOJI is published annually.
Society Report: Published semi-annually, this report includes information on the Society and member activities, and introduces articles on Oriental ceramic-related publications and news.

Other Activities: As deemed necessary by the membership, the Society also conducts other activities such as excavations, surveys and exhibitions.

Membership Fees

Membership Fees
Special Member - 50,000 yen per year
Standard Member - 10,000 yen per year (8,000 yen for students)
Non-resident Members: 30,000 yen (prepayment for a 5-year membership)
Fee Payments can be made by furikae to
Acct Name - Toyo Toji Gakkai
Acct Number - 00110-0-136273